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  • Visit to Shivpuri
  • Visit to Shivpuri
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  • State: Madhya Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Jungle
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Shivpuri is a historical town in the northern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The town was apparently named after Lord Shiva. Shivpuri's ancient historical heritage is still alive with remnants of its mansions, palaces, streets and lodges still intact. The hills surrounding Shivpuri and its pleasant climate make it an ideal tourist getaway.

Shivpuri is remembered as the summer capital of the Scindias of Gwalior. The Mughals captured the town in 1564 and would frequent the Shivpuri forests to pursue their love of hunting.

The deep jungles in and around Shivpuri are a treasure trove of flora and fauna.  Adventure enthusiasts can opt for trekking in these jungles. There are also a few wildlife sanctuaries with some rare species of birds and animals in Shivpuri. Tourists can undertake short trips through the pathways, amidst lush vegetation and views of a ruined fortress, many Hindu temples and a monastery.

A major attraction of Shivpuri is the Madhav National Park. The park has a lake and forested hills and flat grasslands around it and is rich in biodiversity. Sakhya Sagar and Madhav Sagar lakes are the two main biodiversity support systems in the national park. There is a Sailing Club on Sakhya Sagar at the entrance of the National Park.

Shivpuri is mainly an agricultural district and cultivation is the main occupation of the people. Gram and arhar are the main pulses grown here. There are four main rivers - the Parwati, Sindh, Kuno and Betwa that pass through the district.

The best season to visit Shivpuri is from October to May. In the summer season, temperatures range from 32-42⁰ Celsius, and in the winter months between 15 and 28⁰ Celsius.