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Vythri Info
  • State: Kerala
  • Famous for/as: Hill
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Vythri, also known as Vythiri, is a hill station located in the Wayanad District of Kerala. Situated 2,600 feet above sea level, Vythri provides beautiful views of water streams, spice plantations, forests, rocky terrains and waterfalls. Spread across a geographical area of about 150 acres, the destination is located in the northern high ranges of Kerala. Vythiri is a popular destination for nature and adventure lovers as it is covered with hills and tropical rain forests. 

History of Vythiri

The history of Vythiri states that human life existed in the region at least ten centuries before Christ. Evidence of this is found in the pictures and pictorial writings on the walls of the caves of Ampukuthimala between Sultan Battery and Ambalavayal.

During ancient times, the city was ruled by the King of Mysore after he conquered it and brought it under his authority. Later, Tipu Sultan reconstructed the royal empire of Kottayam. After the end of this sultanate period, the region was governed by the British rulers, who set up spice plantations and tea estates on a very large scale.

Things to do in Vythiri

Vythiri attracts tourists for its waterfalls, caves and wildlife sanctuary. It is popular for the tree houses constructed over 90 feet above ground level. The entire area is enriched with plantations of rubber, tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom. Tourists travelling to Vythiri can spot various species of flora and fauna including whistling thrush, Malabar squirrels and the Nilgiri langur. The long rope bridges hanging across the streams and rivers provide scope for some adventurous activities .

Travelling to Vythiri

Kozhikode Airport domestic airport is the closest airport to reach Vythiri, which is connected with cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. The railway station nearest to Vythri is Kozhikode Railway Station, which is served by trains from major cities and towns of the country. The nearest bus station to Vythiri is at Kozhikode, located at a distance of 66 km.

The best time for exploring Vythiri is during the monsoon and winter season, though the months from May to September are suitable for exploring nature.

Accommodation Options in Vythiri

Vythiri popularly known as resort town have many resorts in the town and these cater exclusively to the tourists, who wants enjoy their holiday from busy work life. Hotel options in Vythiri range from small huts and cottages to tree houses, which offer all the features for travelers.