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  • State: Kerala
  • Famous for/as: Jungle
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Tholpetty is located in Kerala and is part of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated about 100 km from Mysore and adjacent to the Nagarhole National Park, this wildlife sanctuary is a popular tourist destination with an extensive stretch of mountain ranges, valleys and woods surrounding it on all sides. With a spectacular landscape and rich with flora and fauna, Tholpetty is an integral part of the Nilgiri Reserve.

Tholpetty is situated on the border of Coorg along the northern side of Wayanad and is much similar to Muthanga. Several rare species of birds, many trees of medicinal value and exotic flowers can be found here. The sanctuary also has giant squirrels, mouse deer, spotted deer, langurs, tigers, panthers and leopards.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is open from 6 am to 8 am and again from 3 pm to 5:30 pm. Entry to this sanctuary requires a ticket and there is a separate cost for the camera, guide if needed, and for a one hour drive inside the forest.   

Tholpetty is also associated with the famous Malabar King Pazhassi Raja. One of his battles with the Colonial British was fought in Tholpetty. Other popular tourists places in and around Tholpetty include the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Thirunelly Temple, Kuruva Dweep, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary and the Papanasini river.

Tholpetty has a moderate climate all through the year. The summer is from March to May and can be quite hot. June to November is the monsoon season and it is best not to visit Tholpetty during this period due to the heavy rainfall and strong winds. Winter is from December to February and is quite pleasant with an average temperature of around 10⁰ Celsius. October to May is considered an ideal time to travel to Tholpetty.

Tholpetty is best reached by road. The closest railway station and airport is located about 100 km away in Calicut.