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  • Mandar, Pune
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  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
  • Altitude: 1774 M
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Yellapur is in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Yellapur is a quite little town nestled in the Uttara Kanara District. With its ideal location, picturesque surrounding and serenity, this place is a fine retreat. Surrounded by thick forests from all sides, the rich biodiversity at Yellapur has of many distinct species of flora and fauna.

Yellapur known for its natural beauty is also famous for its gifted falls and attractive hills and valleys. Satoddi falls, the most stunning falls in Karnataka is located 25 km from Yellapur town. November to April is the appropriate time to visit these famous falls. The side road beside the Kali River is magnificently beautiful, particularly during evening hours.

Magod falls is near the village Magod itself, about 1.5 km from the town on Yellapur -Karat Highway. This waterfall is located 19 km away from Yellapur.  In Magodu village, the Bedthi River takes two separate jumps from a height of 650 ft. into a rocky narrow valley. The heavily forested landscape, the water and the scenic location unite to make this spot a perfect choice for outings. Close to the falls is Jenu Kallu Gudds, a sun set point, where one can view the sun slipping down.  

Nearby is located another picturesque village among calm mountains, Kalache, which is 30 km from Yellapur.  While reaching Yellapur, a beautiful pond adds to the picturesque scene. Known as Kavdi Kere, the shining grass and the beautiful hills, adds to the beauty.

The Kavadiamma/Durgadevi Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga enjoys popularity among inhabitants. Yellapur town centres between Ankola and Darwad and is easily accessible.

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