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  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
  • Altitude: 1748 M
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Bagalkot is a town in the Bagalkot District of Northern Karnataka. Situated along the banks of the River Ghataprabha, it lies at an average elevation of 533 meters above sea level. As per folklore 'Bagadige' was the initial name of Bagalkot.

This region was ruled by the King of Lanka, Ravana, who gifted this region to Vajantries (musicians). According to records, the region was gifted as ‘bangle money’, by one of the Kings of the Sultanate of Bijapur, to one of his daughters. ‘Bagadige’ later evolved to become Bagdikot, which later was transformed to Bagalkot.

Bagalkot is often referred to as the home of the Chalukya Dynasty. It also witnessed the rule of Vijayanagara, Peshwas, Hyder Ali of Mysore and Marathas. It came under the rule of the British East India Company in 1818.

Bagalkot witnessed revival in the field of architecture in its initial days, as several experimentations were carried out in the existing styles of architecture, especially at Aihole. Bagalkot was also a major centre for the Indian Independence Movement as well as the Unification Movement of 1956.

The district of Bagalkot was carved out of Bijapur district in the year 1997. Bagalkot district is bordered by Bijapur district in the north, Gadag district in the south, Raichur district in the east, Koppal district in the south-east and Belgaum district in the west. It is watered by the rivers Malaprabha, Ghataprabha and Krishna and its tributaries.  Badami, Bagalkot, Bilagi, Hunugund, Jamakhandi and Mudhol are its six Talukas.

The town of Bagalkot, which is the headquarters of Bagalkot district, is at a distance of 90 km away from the city of Bijapur. It consists of two parts – the ‘Old Bagalkot’ and the ‘New Bagalkot’ (Navanagara).

Many areas of Old Bagalkot were submerged due to the construction of Almatti Dam, in Bijapur District on River Krishna, which prompted the construction of the planned town of ‘New Bagalkot’.

Bagalkot town, today, is emerging as a trading hub and an industrial hub of Karnataka. Bagalkot is well connected to all the major destinations within the State of Karnataka by rails and roads. 
Best to visit Bagalkot is during winter i.e between October and February.

This region is also famous for the festival of ‘Holi Habba’, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The ancient caves and historic places of Bagalkot have earned it a prominent place in the tourism map of Karnataka.

Bagalkot hosts Pattadakkal Dance festival in the month of January, organised by the Government of Karnataka. The festival showcases performances by renowned classical dancers.

Bagalkot tourism offers sightseeing attractions at places like Aihole, Badami and Pattadakallu. The vicinity of Bagalkot to historical places like Murdeshwar, Gokarna, Kukkai, Karwar, etc. makes it a popular tourist destination.