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  • State: Jammu & Kashmir
  • Famous for/as: Hill
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Kargil is the second largest town in the region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kargil lies on the border region adjoining Pakistan in the Himalayan mountain ranges. The name of Kargil has been derived from the combination of two words – Khar standing for Castle and rKil meaning centre. The name of the region is perfect as far as its location is concerned, which is between two countries.

Some of the popular attractions in Kargil include Mulbek, located at a distance of 45 kilometres on the banks of the Wakha River. This place is popular for its Buddhist monuments. There is also an ancient sculpture of Buddha Maitreya made of stone, which is about 9 metres high and is located on the highway Mulbek Chamba. The village of Shergol in the Wakha River valley consists of several cave monasteries and Buddhist nunneries.

Popular Buddhist sculptures can be found in the Buddhist monastery of Mulbek Gompa. Located on a rocky cliff, the same monastery earlier used to be the guard for the caravan route. Trespone and Sankhoo are two popular imambaras in Kargil. These buildings have been designed in the Turkish style and earlier used to be the home of the ‘Aghas’.

Travelling to Kargil needs some planning. The nearest airport is located at a distance of about 151 kilometres from Kargil in Srinagar. Flights from Srinagar connect two other Indian cities. The nearest train station to Kargil is in Jammu, at a distance of 255 kilometres. Accommodation options are available here in the form of circuit houses and bungalows.

Kargil is located in the Himalayan ranges that results in a cool climate all round the year. The summer season, from the months of April to September, are considered the best time to visit Kargil because winters are very harsh.