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  • State: Jammu & Kashmir
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
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The city of Anatnag is located in the state of Kashmir, in the Anatnag district. It is the commercial capital of the state and is one of the most developed regions of the Kashmir valley. This ancient city emerged as a market town in 5000 B.C. and is acknowledged as one of the earliest sites of urban human settlement. 

The district of Anantnag is located in the south and southwestern part of the Kashmir valley. It is bounded by Srinagar in the north, Kargil district in the north-east and Pulwama in the north-west. The east and south-east part of the district is bounded by Doda and Kishtwar tehsil of the district of Doda.

In the south and south-west part of Anantnag lies the tehsil Gool Gulab Garh of Udhampur district, Ramban teshsil of Doda district and tehsil Budhal of Rajauri district. The entire southern region and a major area of the eastern sector of the Anantnag district are covered with mountains and forests.    

The city is home to a number of shrines belonging both to the Hindus and to the Muslims. Some of the most popular shrines of Anantnag are Hazrat Baba Rashi, Shilagram Temple, Nila Nag, Goswami Gund Ashram and others. The city houses seven temple complexes, namely the Sita Temple, the Hanuman Temple, Shiva Temple and Ganesh Temple.

Anantnag features a number of sites of tourist interest like lakes, hot springs, shrines and temples. There are innumerable natural springs and two sulphur springs in Anantnag. Tourists mainly visit the springs of Nag Bal, Malik Nag and Salag Nag.

People also visit Anantnag to view the historical and religious sites like the shrine of Aishmuqam, Masjid Syed Shab, Amarnath Ji, Naghbal, Martand Temple and Kherbawani Asthapan.

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