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Sangla Info
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Hill
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Sangla is a popular hill town located in the Baspa Valley of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh. Located close to the Tibetan border, this place is covered with forest slopes and mountains. It is situated in the range of the greater Himalayas that gives it a cold climate.

Because of its location on the Indo-China border a special permit was required from the Indian Government to travel to this place until the year 1989, when this formality was abolished to promote tourism. The name of the town Sangla has been derived from the village by the same name. The word ‘Sangla’ in Tibetan language means ‘Pass of Light’.  

Sangla is popular for its pine nut orchards, apples and cherry trees. The glacial streams and the villages located in the region like Chitkul, Karchham and Batseri add to its popularity. One of the most popular attractions here is Kamru Fort, which is an ancient fort. Now it has been converted into a temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. On the third floor of the temple, there is a large image of the goddess.

Other places of interest include Sapni, Kanda Trout Farm, which is a valley popular for flowers and Kilba. Located 8 km from the town of Sangla is the village of Bastseri. It is a place known for handmade shawls and Kinnauri caps. Besides that, it is the only place in Sangla where Chilgoza is grown. Most of the villages here provide a glimpse of old age wooden architecture.              

The best time to visit Sangla is between the months of April and May or in September or October. These months are also ideal for activities like trekking and camping. The most popular festival celebrated here is the annual flower festival, Fulaich, in the month of September.