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  • State: Assam
  • Famous for/as: Jungle
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Marigaon, also known as Morigaon, is the second smallest district of Assam. The headquarters of this administrative district is located at Morigaon town, also known as Marigaon town. This district shares its boundaries with Karbi Anglong District on the south, Nagaon district on the east and Kamrup district on the west. Brahmaputra River delimits the district of Marigaon from the northern side.  

Rivers that flow through the southern part of this district are Killing, Kollong and Kapili. Killing and Kapili join at Matiparbat, from where Kapili moves towards west. Further at Jagi Dui Khuti Mukh, Kapili is joined by Kollong. It is from this site that both the rivers together fall into the Brahmaputra. Covering an area of 1704 sq. km, the district only consists of one sub-division, Marigaon Sadar.

It is believed that during the ancient times, the region was under the control of famous king, Arimatta. He was succeeded by Jongalbalahu, who was killed by the Kacharis near Kajalimukh. According the legends, Jongalbalahu was able to escape his pursuers and submerged himself in Kollong River. From there, he emerged at Raha for drinking water and submerged again. He later emerged at Jagi and it is from this incident that Raha and Jagi are renowned till date.

History of the present Marigaon town and nearby areas was written by Bhimsingh. According to his writings, the region was ruled independently by six rulers. Local people of the region did not like Bhimsingh and finally, he left Brahmaputra and settled near Mori Beel, which came to be known as Morigaon.
Marigaon mainly comprises people of Hindu or Muslim religious community. People of the region mainly earn their living by cultivating mustard, jute, wheat, paddy and vegetables. Like the rest of the regions in Assam, handloom weaving is an integral part of culture in this district also.    

Main tourist attractions in the district are the three reserved forests, namely Sunaikuchi, Khulahat, and Bura Mayong. This district is also home to Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the one-horned Rhino, rare species of migratory birds and numerous reptiles. The main gateway to the destination is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is also known as Guwahati Airport.

Situated on Guwahati-Lumding railway line, Jagi Road Railway Station is the main railhead serving the district. Marigaon is connected by regular buses from Guwahati and other places in Assam. The best time to visit Marigaon is during winter season, which extends from November through February.