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  • State: Andhra Pradesh
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Cuddapah (Kadapa) city is situated in the Cuddapah (Kadapa or YSR Kadapa) District of Andhra Pradesh. Located towards the south-central region of Andhra Pradesh, Cuddapah is a popular tourist destination in the South.  

The name Cuddapah was derived from the Telugu word ‘Gadapa’, which means ‘threshold’. This region is so named since it is the gateway to the sacred hill of ‘Tirumala’, the abode of Sri Venkateswara. ‘Gadapa’ in course of time became ‘Kadapa’, but was spelt as ‘Cuddapah’ during the colonial period.

Later in 2005, ‘Cuddapah’ was officially changed to ‘Kadapa’ by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In 2010, the District was named as YSR Kadapa District after Mr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), a former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh who was a native of this district.

The district of Cuddapah has the shape of an irregular parallelogram. It is divided by the Eastern Ghats in to two parts which has different features. One part, which consists of the north, the east and the south-east parts of Cuddapah District, lies on low plains at an average elevation of 140 meters above the sea level.

The other part, which consists of the south and the south-western parts of Cuddapah District, lies on a high plateau at an average elevation of 600 meters. Pennar, Chitravathi, Kunderu, Papaghni, Sagileru and Cheyeru are the major rivers flowing through this district.

Cuddapah city is the administrative headquarters of Cuddapah District. It is surrounded by Nallamalai and Palkonda hills of the Eastern Ghats on its three sides. Cuddapah city, situated about 8 km away from River Pennar, has historical significance. As per records, Cuddapah city was ruled by many dynasties like the Mauryas, Sathavahanas, Cholas, Vijayanagara and Qutab Shahis.

The ancient town of Cuddapah was developed by the army commander of the Qutab Shahis, Mayana Nawab Neknam Khan, who also renamed the city as Nekanamabad. Cuddapah became the seat of the Mayana Nawabs, who later on were referred to as Cuddapah Nawabs. Later, the British East India Company took control of the region of Cuddapah in the year 1800.

Masjid-e-Azam, Chand Phira Gumbadh, Bramham Gaari Matham, Devuni Kadapa etc. are the chief attractions of Cuddapah. Cuddapah also offers excursions to destinations like Tirupati, Ontimitta Kodanda Rama Swami temple, the Gorge Fort, Gandi, Pushpagiri, etc.

Cuddapah city is well connected to all the destinations within Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states by road. The nearest airport to Cuddapah is at Renigunta, which is 131 km away. The best time to visit Cuddapah is between October and March.