Neil Island

Neil Island
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  • State: Andaman & Nicobar
  • Famous for/as: Beach
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Located about 40 kilometres to the north-eastern part of Port Blair, Neil Island is one of the isolated islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Neil Island was once popular because of corals present here, but increase in fishing has led to a depletion of the corals.

The population of the island is not much compared to the nearby islands, and the people here are mostly Bengalis. Neil Island is mainly dependent on agriculture and agriculture has been the main trade here as the supplies of vegetables from the region has been impressive. It is known as ‘the vegetable bowl of Andaman’ because of the agricultural standards set by this region with the help of favourable climatic conditions promoting farming. Opportunities for adventure sports like boating are also available on the island.   

There are small villages in the island like the villages of Sitapur, Laxmanpur and Bharatpur that are popular for the beaches located here. The climate of Neil Island remains moderate throughout the year with average temperature ranging from 21o Celsius to 31o Celsius. The best time to visit Neil Island is from the months of October to May.

It is best to avoid travelling here from the months of June to September, because of the unpredictable weather that is accompanied by storms and heavy rains. On the western part of Neil Island, there are several beach houses and guesthouses for accommodation.
The airport of Andaman is located at Port Blair, which links major cities like Chennai and Kolkata. However, there are other flights connecting different destinations in India. The islands of Andaman have good sea connectivity with several cruises available from major cities like Kolkata and Chennai towards Port Blair.

Cruises are available in the form of simple as well as AC deluxe cabins with a journey that takes about 60 to 66 hours, whereas the ships sailing from Visakhapatnam towards Port Blair take 56 hours. The cruises from these destinations are not available regularly, but they sail frequently.      

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